Who am I?

Hi, I'm Karolina Király from Hungary. I'm living in Budapest, but am currently studying in the magnificent city of Pécs, which is a Mediterranean kind of place with many loveable places which can inspire me a lot. I've started this blog because I saw a nice opportunity in it to share some thoughts with people around the world and might get to start something in myself and in the world too. As for my hobbies, I pretty much like being around nice people and nice places, reading books, and talking about them as well, travelling anywhere using any kind of transport (but I usually fall asleep while travelling a longer period on the train or on a bus or in the car). By all means, my favourite kind of transport is the aeroplane - isn't it just magical, looking down at the top of the clouds, being in the realm of forever sunshine...?

I'd like to tell you about some other things I appreciate quite a lot. It's being around children. The company of little kids can make you feel so much better, no matter your current mood or status in life. I think we all should be much more around children, spending time with them, listening to their thoughts and actually believing what they're saying is true - because it is. Even if they tell you about some magical thing which seems to be completely surreal for you, they are saying the truth - their own truth, which often cannot be understood by adults (read The Little Prince, you will see it). Because of all these and because I have a strange urge to help other people whenever-wherever I can, I often do caritative work with children, but I also often babysit and it always gives me big amounts of energy to go on with my other duties.